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  • International Business Tax Planning. BEPS. Permanent Establishment. Substance.
  • Constitution of Spanish companies. Business address. Registered Office. Administrative services. Bank Accounts.
  • Accounting, tax, labour, and administrative staff.
  • Tax advice on expatriates & impatriates.

Making Services provides all services to Small and Medium Multinational Enterprise’s (Mne’s) that are looking to expand their business internationally and want to set up their branch in Spain, just for developing their main commercial activities in this domestic market or just as the Head Office in order to develop business in Europe or Latin America. In fact, we assist a good number of companies in establishing their deal by providing tax, accounting, corporate and administrative services.


  • Tax preparation. Tax returns, VAT, Corporate Income Tax.
  • Accounting. Financial Statements. Monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping.
  • Payrolls. Labour contracts. Social Security.
  • Audit for branches and subsidiaries.

We are focused on Small Business and Personal Accounting and Tax services. Our expertise lies in larger, more complex tax returns and planning and tax problems resolution.

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We can help you resolve your tax problems and put an end to the misery that the Spanish Tax Agency can put you through. We are able to resolve these problems in an efficient, affordable and discreet manner from audits to appeals and of course, collections. The tax inspections will not just go away by themselves and just like stalkers, they just keep coming after you with penalties and interest being added each day.


We handle the financial, tax, legal and philanthropic needs of family offices with assets from 1 million € to 250 M€, which could mean either an immediate family or one with multiple branches and generations.

We also advise financial and real estate investments from all kind of individuals.